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Semi Automated Parking- The Wave of the Future

What is semi-automated parking system?     Semi-automated parking means each car gets parked fully independently of every other car, allowing access for each car without moving all the other cars around it. Using automated parking is a major convenience factor for any parking situation, not requiring the use of a valet to move and… Read more >

Crowdfunding for Real Estate

Use your IRA to invest in Real Estate The experts at Realty Fund LA have precise, personal knowledge of properties. They identify a broad range of investments, allowing you and your partners to realize returns once reserved for ultra-wealthy insiders. No other “crowd-funding” portal allows you to invest in property right here in Southern California… Read more >

Domain Trends “The market shifts into neutral with the modern white kitchen”

RE_Domain Trends_White Kitchens Kitchens and bathrooms are the most common rooms in the house that buyers comment on when touring a home,” says Lee Johnson of Sotheby’s International Realty, who reps a 30- unit live/work project in the open-loft creative space market in Venice. “The open, clean look of a new white kitchen can create… Read more >