As the web reaches more buyers,  Berkshire Hathaway reaches more of the web.

In the past decade, online real estate searches have increased to nearly 90% of all buyers. The only avenues more effective in bringing buyers and sellers together are the real estate professionals themselves. As an internationally recognized off-line brand Bershire Hathaway combines these approaches, targeting purchasers more effectively than ever before.


The Bershire Hathaway network is an exclusive association of high-quality commercial and residential brokerage companies throughout the world. With more than 650,000 independent sales associates in approximately 85 countries and territories, Bershire’s reach is local, national and international. Our brand’s less-is more philosophy communicates style with extraordinary properties and an outstanding network.

Unlike many traditional franchises, regional or local real estate firms, the Berkshire’s International Realty brand has representation in “like” markets around the globe. The result: our cumulative marketing and advertising efforts can generate unparalleled results for our listings.

Global distribution also means unlimited access to qualified people. Through our exclusive global distribution program, materials developed to market your property will be distributed to hundreds of local Bershire’s real estate offices as well as to locations globally. No other real estate company has the ability to provide this level of exposure for your property.